Welcome to the official website of Vulcans, the indie folk trio out from Central PA.  

New song alert! Thanks WXPN!

Sometimes the winter months can be a drag on creativity. The cold creeps into your bones, chills you to your core until you just can't make yourself get out of bed, let alone put pen to paper. Fortunately, that hasn't been the case for us this time around! 

We were contacted by Helen Leicht of WXPN to put together a seasonal/winter song for XPN's annual "12 Days of Philly Local Music". Although we didn't have a song on hand, we scrambled, edited, crunched and sang our hearts out for a weekend and ended up with a song that we're all quite proud of, and wonderfully enough, Helen thought so too! We've been told this song has been making the rounds on XPN, so if you catch it, give us a shout! We're offering it up as a free holiday download, so get your copy here:

Happy holidays! Stay safe, warm and productive out there in the cold!