Welcome to the official website of Vulcans, the indie folk trio out from Central PA.  

We're going back to school! Well, sort of...

Earlier this year we had the distinct honor of being approached by our former chorus director from high school, Eric Dundore to do an alumni show. As (hopefully) you know, singing and harmonies are a gigantic part of our music and an even bigger part of how we think about music as a whole, and Mr. Dundore played a pivotal role in our development as singers and as musicians. With all that in mind, obviously we did not hesitate to accept the offer to play at the alumni show, which is a benefit concert to support the Mechanicsburg Music Alliance

We will be joining several other Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School (MASH) alumni on the stage (and we might even be doing some collective numbers together) so this will absolutely not be something you want to miss! We hope to see each and every one of you there!