Welcome to the official website of Vulcans, the indie folk trio out from Central PA.  

New EP completed! Cover artwork finalized! Release date set!

It was a long, long (long) weekend but we finally completed all that needs done on our new EP! Our expert producer Jeff Hiatt has worked his magic and we are extremely proud of the final result, and super excited for you all to hear it. 

Now begins the arduous task of nit-picking and editing what will become the finished EP. It's a very tedious process, but we know that it's all going towards putting out the best possible collection of songs that we can muster! 

In the downtime between listening to various versions of mixes, we've been working with our friend and fellow Mechanicsburg native Jared Adams to finalize the EP cover art. We probably put him through Hell with the amount of edits and options that we wanted to try, but we're super happy with the final product:

Cover for our new EP, "Semaphore"

And, at long last, the finish line is in sight. The EP will be released on May 6, 2014! Download it from iTunes, order it from Amazon, or stream it on Spotify, as long as it's getting to your ears it doesn't matter to us! We hope you enjoy listening to it us much as we enjoyed creating it.